Q2W3 Fixed Widget Version 5.1.4


Enable « Fixed widget » option in the widget settings and it will be always in sight when page is scrolled down or up. There is no problem to « fix » or « stick » more than one widget even located in different sidebars!

Live demo!

New in version 5.0:
1. Optimized client side performance. Detection of page changes is now based on MutationObserver API. Widget parameters recount is fired only when needed! Refresh interval option used only for campatibility with old browsers (no MutationObserver API support).
2. Improved compatibility with caching plugins (W3TC, Autoptimize and etc.). No need to exclude jQuery and plugin files from cache!
3. Async/Defer script load method support
4. Added Disable Width and Disable Height options

Note for cache plugins users. Don’t forget to clear the cache after upgrading to version 5! Options format has been changed!

Compatibility note. The plugin is not working with all themes! Theme requirements:

  • jQuery 1.7 required. jQuery 1.8.3 (or later) is recommended.
  • No JavaScript errors, coused by other plugins and scripts.
  • wp_head() and wp_footer() functions in header.php and footer.php files.
  • Widgets must have an id attribute.

In some cases (widget « jumping » during scroll and etc.) theme CSS changes may be required.

Page officielle : https://fr.wordpress.org/plugins/q2w3-fixed-widget/