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Email Subscribers is a complete newsletter plugin which lets you collect leads, send automated new blog post notification emails, create & send newsletters and also manage them all in one single place.

This works very well indeed… It does all the necessary things for a newsletter/email list(s)It is simple, clean, easy to engage, and looks good… I was also easily able to do some styling on the input forms by adding its widget css into my child’s style.css file and add and/or change some properties and values… Thanks much for making this available and staying on top of it… 🙂

Perfect Plugin for All your Newsletter Needs

Email Subscribers is a fully featured subscription plugin specially created keeping in mind all the needs and requirements of a regular blogger, website owner, marketer and developers. It helps you achieve all the things you need to build a list and keep them engaged within a single plugin.

Easily Collect Leads On Your Website : Insert a neat looking subscription anywhere on your website. This subscription box is beautifully designed and grabs audiences attention instantly.

Send Automated Updates when a Post is published : Save on time by automating the process of sending emails each time a blog post is published.

Quickly Create, Schedule and Send Newsletters : Create beautiful newsletters using the HTML editor and send them to your subscribers either manually or via cron.

Complete Plugin. Configured within 5 minutes. Works 100%
I am very satisfied with this easy and complete plugin/widget. In 5 minutes or less I configured it and is working 100%. I had to delete what I was using from jetpack because it just stop working and I could not figured out why. So this one seems to be the right for me. Thanks

Complete Feature List of Email Subscribers

  • Send notification emails to subscribers when new posts are published.
  • Option to schedule email (Cron job option) or send them manually.
  • Collect customer emails by adding a subscription box (Widget/Shortcode/PHP Code).
  • Double Opt-in and Single Opt-in facility for subscribers.
  • Email notification to admin when user signs up (Optional).
  • Automatic welcome email to subscribers (Optional).
  • Automatically add Unsubscribe link in the email.
  • Import/Export subscribers emails.
  • HTML editor to create newsletters and post notifications.
  • Envoi de newsletters.
  • Sent email status and when it was viewed.
  • Support localization or internationalization.
  • Include/exclude categories while sending a newsletter or post notification.
  • Ability to control user access (Roles and Capabilities).
  • Easy Integration with free plugins Icegram and Rainmaker

Best Email Subscriber Plugin!!
I have tried quite a few subscribe by email type plugins and this by far blows them all out of the water. Beautiful emails and and great backend design for the admin. This works so nice and works well with SMTP solutions
Mike Price

Start Collecting Leads Anywhere on Your Website

Email subscribers lets you collect leads from anyplace on your website. You can either directly insert the subscription form as a shortcode, show it as a widget or simple add it to your site’s theme using php.

  • Shortcode for any posts or pages

    [email-subscribers namefield= »YES » desc= » » group= »Public »]

  • Widget option

Go to Appearance -> Widgets. Drag and drop the Email Subscribers widget to your desired location.

  • Add directly in the theme

Add following line of PHP code directly in your theme :
es_subbox( $namefield = « YES », $desc = «  », $group = «  » );

Great Plugin
Works as expected. Great way to build an email list on your own site. It allows my clients to manage their own lists via login. I love the automatic notifications to subscribers when new posts are created. Looking forward to a “premium” paid version that includes email templates.

Send Automated Emails as soon as a New Blog Post is Published

As soon as you publish a new blogpost, email subscribers will automatically send the people on your list a notification, informing them about the new blogpost.

Great product and support
I highly recommend this product. It does everything it says it will do, is easily adaptable to your website, and Mansi’s level of support is fantastic. Unlike some of the other similar plugins, this one gives you total control over who requests to subscribe to your newsletter or blog.

It’s a One-time Setup

Once you setup a ‘New blogpost’ notification mail, you won’t have to look at it ever again. Email Subscribers will detect everytime a new blog article is published on your website and then send an notification email to your list informing them about the article.

Easy to use but super powerfull
Easy to configure, tweak and manage. And works like a charm

Create Beautiful Newsletters Within Minutes

Email subscribers has a HTML editor which lets you create elegant newsletter, emails and send them to your subscribers. You can add images, infographics, links, content etc and make your newsletters engaging for your subscribers.

Impressive and simple
Found this plugin, most impressed, simple to set up, easy to use and the support is overwhelming

Send/Schedule Emails either Automatically or Manually

Using Email subscribers you can either choose to send the newsletters/ emails manually or schedule them using a cron job.

Detailed Documentation

Email subscribers has a vast, well documented series of article that can help you understand each feature in detail. Please go ahead and read it incase of any questions : Email Subscribers Documentation.

Hitman of email subscribing
the best plugin for getting subscribers.Combine it with any popup and you don’t need anything else.the help (FAQ) section is really detailed.

Friendly Approachable Support

Don’t believe it? Have a look at the review section. The support guys are friendly and ever willing to assist you with whatever be your query. Feel free to contact them with both pre-sales, after-sales questions.

Lightning support
Had 3 questions about the plugin, got extensive support with each one. Continue doing what you’re doing! Thanks a lot! 5/5

Get more benefits by using Email Subscribers with these free plugins

Email Subscribers – Group Selector

Email Subscribers – Group Selector will extend Email Subscribers Form functionality by providing an grouping option right next to the form. The user can then subscribe to whichever group most appeals to him.

For example: Subscribe either to pop music or to rock music.

Get more form styles by using Rainmaker

Email subscribers easily integrates with another light weight plugin called Rainmaker. This plugin provides you multiple, beautiful form design templates. It also lets you redirect the user to another url as soon as they subscribe to your form.

Using Rainmaker, you can extend the core features of Email Subscribers making the forms even more useful and styles even more elegant.

Help Fellow WordPressers by Writing a Review

If you like Email Subscribers, please leave a 5 star review on WordPress. That helps fellow website owners access Email Subscribers easily and benefit from it!


Translations inside plugin :

  • Catalan (ca) – Jordi Jorda
  • Czech (cs_CZ) – Martin & Tomas
  • German (de_DE) – Markus Buschmann
  • Spanish (es_ES) – David Bravo (bohemme), Fernando Pérez
  • French (fr_FR) – Serge
  • Hungarian (hu_HU) – Zsolt Edelényi
  • Lithuanian (lt_LT) – Andrius
  • Norwegian (nb_NO) – Helge Rosseboe
  • Polish (pl_PL) – Witold
  • Portuguese-Brazil (pt_BR) – Marcelo de Meneses Guedes
  • Swedish (sv_SE) – Rune Svennelid
  • Turkish (tr_TR) – Erkan ORUÇ

Translations on :

You too can contribute to translations and make it 100% complete. Contribute from here – Translate Email Subscribers into your language

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