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Caldera Forms est une extension WordPress gratuite et puissante qui crée des formulaires responsives grâce à un simple éditeur par glisser-déposer. Caldera Forms compte plusieurs modules gratuits et faciles d’utilisation, conçus autant pour les débutants que pour les développeurs web. Apprenez-en plus sur Caldera Forms sur

Caldera Forms’ visual editor simplifies form building for WordPress. Set up your form with multiple columns, add additional pages, and funnel user responses with conditional logic to get more robust data and relevant information from your customers and site visitors. Anti-spam, AJAX, notification emails, and database entry tracking are enabled by default.

Caldera Forms is a free WordPress plugin by Caldera Labs.

5 Stars! « Exceptionally well thought out and executed. »

-Pippin Williamson: Developer of Easy Digital Downloads, Restrict Content Pro and AffiliateWP.

Top Features

Responsive By Design

Caldera Forms is a different kind of WordPress form builder. With its intuitive drag and drop interface, it’s never been easier and less stressful to create forms for your WordPress site that look awesome on any device. The visual editor simplifies form building for WordPress. Set up your form with multiple columns, add additional pages, and funnel user responses with conditional logic to get more robust data and relevant information from your customers and visitors.

Whether you are creating a simple contact form or a complex system, you’ll love the drag and drop editor. Your site’s visitors will love the totally responsive, live-updating forms.

« Caldera Forms does a thing well, let’s you build forms on your website quickly… I ship it with just about every site these days. »

  • Alex Vasquez: Owner of the DigiSavvy agency.

Get Started Quickly With Form Templates

Caldera Forms ships with form templates that help you create beautiful, responsive forms quickly. With our powerful grid-base form builder, you can add new fields or modify the layout quickly.

Quickly configure the email notification, to let you know when a form has been submitted. Add one or more auto-responder processors to your forms to send emails to your lead.

« I’ve converted many sites from Gravity Forms because Caldera Forms is easier, more powerful, and the forms looks great on any device by default »

  • Matt Cromwell: Head of support for WordImpress

Go Pro

As makers of the most powerful free form plugin for WordPress, we know what makes form builders tick. Caldera Forms Pro makes form creation beautiful: with drag-and-drop builders for form & form notification, enhanced email delivery, and 27+ integrations, it just works.

Emails Send Every Time, Best In Class Support, Easy Form & Form Notification Design, Connect To The All The Apps You Love

Top Pro features:
* Enhanced Email Delivery: It’s getting harder to convince Gmail or Exchange emails from WordPress are legit, we make it simple.
* Priority Support For Caldera Forms: Need help with a form or connecting Caldera Forms to another service or plugin? We can help.
* HTML layout builder: Make your emails on brand and looking great.
* 27+ Add-ons: Accept payments, build your mailing list, integrate with Google Analytics and create more powerful forms.
* Form entries as PDFs: Create an easy to print record of all submissions.

Anti-Spam By Default

Spam is annoying. No form builder is complete without a robust anti-spam system.

Anti-spam is not an add-on with Caldera Forms, your forms will repel spam using a highly-effective honey pot. Anti-spam does not require configuration or adding a Captcha that will hurt your conversions.

« Un constructeur par glisser-déposer qui est à la fois simple et amusant à utiliser, nous reconnaissons que Caldera Forms est probablement un des constructeurs de formulaires gratuits les meilleurs et les plus avancés disponibles sur le marché, et nous le recommandons fortement ».

  • Lisa-Robyn Keown – Aspen Grove Studios

All The Fields You Need

Caldera Forms has tons of field types to make a great form that will help your website succeed for you. You can set field defaults using the power of Caldera Forms magic tags. Impress your site’s visitors when you take advantage of field sync!

Caldera Forms field types include:

  • Text
  • Credit Card Number
  • Expiration de la carte de crédit
  • Code secret de la carte de crédit
  • Auto-complete
  • URL
  • Type de calcul
  • Curseur de plage
  • Vote par étoiles
  • Summary
  • WYSIWYG – rich text editor
  • Téléphone
  • Text
  • Mise en ligne d’un fichier
  • HTML
  • Masqué
  • Bouton
  • E-mail
  • Paragraphe
  • Basculement
  • Menu déroulant
  • Case à cocher
  • Bouton radio
  • Sélecteur de date
  • Sélecteur de couleur

All of these field types are included in the free version! We don’t call basic field types like URL or hidden fancy and charge extra. We even throw in the fancy field types like calculation and and phone fields!

« WordPress should have more plugins like this. Adding new forms, editing their settings and stuff is fun. »

  • Ahmad Awais: Full Stack WordPress Developer

Awesome Conditional Logic

Caldera Forms provides a visual editor for conditional logic. Show only the fields you need to make your forms easy, and maximize conversions.

When creating a form, you want to make sure to only show and only require the necessary information. Forms with fields that are not always needed can be confusing. Conditional groups, applied to fields allow your forms to adapt to user input, as it is entered.

« I love Caldera. I’d marry it if possible. »

  • Lee Jackson: WordPress Developer and host of the WP Innovator Podcast

Use Caldera Forms As Super-Powered Search Tool

Caldera Forms is more than just an awesome form builder. You can use Caldera Forms to create totally custom search forms. Search posts, users, categories, tags, custom post types, custom fields — including those added with Advanced Custom Fields.

  • Easy Pods – Create custom WordPress search forms using the Caldera Forms drag and drop form editor. Search in any post type, taxonomy, or even users or a custom database table. Requires Pods works with any custom post type.
  • Easy Queries Create custom WordPress search forms using the Caldera Forms drag and drop form editor. Search across multiple post types, works great with Advanced Custom Fields.

« Great plugin that I will be using for years to come »

  • Devin Walker: Developer of Give, WooCommerce QuickCheckout and Maps Builder Pro.

Track, Edit and View Your Form Submissions

Caldera Forms tracks all of your form submission data in the WordPress database. The entry viewer is fast, dynamic and responsive. You can choose to create sub-menu pages for viewing form submissions and chose which users roles are allowed to view those pages.

Entry editing is a core feature of Caldera Forms. When editing entries, click the « Edit Entry » button to edit your saved data. Display your form entries with the Front-End Entry Viewer!

« While Gravity Forms may be the more established form solution plugin for WordPress, there is another contender out there that is a real gem. And that gem is Caldera Forms. »

  • John Teague: Owner of Theme Surgeons


All Caldera Forms Add-ons

Grow Your Email List
* MailChimp – Seamlessly integrate MailChimp optins into your forms.
* Aweber – Aweber marketting automation meets Caldera Forms.
* ConvertKit – Convert leads to customers the ConvertKit way.

Accept Payments
* Stripe – Accept credit card payments via Stripe.
* PayPal Express – Accept payments via Paypal Express.
* Dwolla – Accept payments with low fees using Dwolla.
* Accept all major credit cards by integrating Caldera Forms with
* BrainTree Accept credit card payments in your form through BrainTree.

Increase And Measure Conversions
* Google Analytics – Track custom events and eCommerce conversions.
* Connected Forms – Create sequences of forms with conditional logic. Split your forms into smaller pieces, with total control over what comes next.
* A/B Testing – A/B testing for your forms. Powered by Ingot

Front-End Post and User Profile Editing
* Users – Register or login users from your form.
* Caldera Custom Fields – Save form submissions as post and post meta.

Cool Tools!
* Connected Forms – Create sequences of forms with conditional logic. Split your forms into smaller pieces, with total control over what comes next.
* Geolocation – Make a text field a geolocation auto-complete field and recorded geocoded data.
* Mark Viewed – Let users track what content they have viewed using a Caldera Forms.
* Mail Templates – Add your logo, and your brand’s color scheme to your emails sent from Caldera Forms.
* Nexmo Get SMS notifications of form submissions.
* Translations – Multi-lingual WordPress forms. Translate all form fields. One form, all the languages!
* Verify Email for Caldera Forms – Send an email with a validate link to verify the email address before completing the form submission.
* Form as Metabox – Custom Fields – Use a Caldera Form as a metabox in the post editor to save custom field values.
* Slack Integration for Caldera Forms – Get notifications in Slack whenever a Caldera Form is submitted.
* Run Action – Trigger a WordPress action with your form submission.
* Conditional Fail – Set conditions to cause that if met will allow or prevent form submission.
* Postmatic – Subscribe users to your posts and comments using Postmatic.

Third-party add-ons and integrations:
* Caldera Forms Google Sheets Create spreadsheats in Google Drive with form submissions.
* Testify – Testimonials plugin with front-end submissions powered by Caldera Forms.
* AffiliateWP – Register affiliate referral commissions when a Caldera Form is submitted.
* PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon – Style Caldera Forms in the Beaver Builder layout
* FileTrip Upload fields to Dropbox or Google Drive from Caldera Forms.
* WP HTML Email Design fancy, responsive emails for Caldera Forms email notifications.
* CleanTalk Anti-Spam – Additional anti-spam protection for your forms.
* UpiCrm – Use Caldera Forms to add content to the UpiCRM database.

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