Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps (support Sitemap Index, Multi-site and Google News) Version 1.4.1


With BWP GXS you will no longer have to worry about the 50,000 URL limit or the
time it takes for a sitemap to be generated. This plugin is fast, consumes much
less resource and can be extended via your very own modules (yes, no hooks
needed!). Here’s a demo of the sitemap
index if you are interested.

Google News Sitemap

Add a Google News sitemap to your sitemap index easily. News sitemap can be
used to ping search engines individually if you want. And of course, whenever
you publish a new post in a news category, all selected search engines will be

As of 1.4.0, you can use custom post types and custom taxonomies for your news

Image Sitemap

If you have any post (of any post type) that supports the Featured image
feature, you will be able to add the current featured image to a post-based
sitemap with ease.

This feature is available since 1.4.0.

Sitemap Index

A sitemap index, as its name suggests, is a sitemap that allows you to group
several sitemaps inside it.

It gives you many benefits such as: possibility to bypass the 50,000 URL limit
(for example you can have 10 custom sitemaps, each has 10,000 URLs), or
possibility to make the generation time much faster (because each sitemap is
requested separately and is built by its own module), etc.

For a search engine to acknowledge your sitemaps, you only have to submit the
sitemap index and you’re done, no need to submit each sitemap individually.

Splitting post-based sitemaps

As of version 1.1.0, this plugin can automatically split large post sitemaps
into smaller ones when limit reached. For example if you have 200K posts and
would like to have 10K posts for each sitemap, BWP GXS will then split post.xml
into 20 parts (i.e. from post_part1.xml to post_part20.xml).

This not only helps you bypass the 50,000 URLs limit without having to build
your custom modules, but also helps make your sitemaps smaller, lighter, and of
course faster to generate. This plugin has been tested on sites that have
nearly 200K posts and it took less than 1 second to generate the sitemap index.

Furthermore, you can set a separate limit for split sitemaps or simply use the
global limit.

Multi-site compatible

Each website within your network will have its own sitemap index and sitemaps.

For sub-domain installation, your sitemap index will appear at
For sub-folder installation, your sitemap index will appear at

There’s always a sitemap index for your main site, available at

If you choose the sub-domain approach, each sub-domain can also have its own robots.txt.

Custom sitemaps using modules

The unrivaled flexibility this plugin offers is the ability to define your
custom sitemaps using modules. Each module is a actually .php file that tell
BWP Google XML Sitemap how to build a sitemap file. You can extend default
modules or create completely new ones.

This plugin also comes with a convenient base class for developing modules with
easy to use and thoroughly documented API. Since modules can be defined by you,
there’s no limitation what a sitemap can have (for example you can bypass the
50,000 URL limit, as stated above). There’s one limitation, though: your
imagination ;). Oh, did I mention that you can even use module to create
another sitemap index?

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